In every group there is a teacher who is a British native speaker and a Polish English-speaking teacher.

The native speaker is a guarantee that children will learn not only vocabulary but also correct pronunciation and intonation.

In addition to the authentic accent, the native speaker will teach children phrases that are used by his compatriots in everyday situations. Children educated in Polish “bilingual preschools” make language errors which often neither they, nor their parents realize. For example, children often use incorrect vocabulary to describe everyday objects that surround them, e.g. when playing.

Bilingualism is a great treasure. It means a better job, the opportunity to study abroad, broader perspectives… and bilingual children are children who can use two languages, and not those that sing English songs in preschool.

The aim of our staff is to prepare children as best as possible to take up learning in school, not only through language education. Details in the tab Programme